Friday, March 22, 2013

Language Arts Ideas.....

   Mrs. Olson, a first grade teacher here, shared a link with me from Pinterest titled Digital Storytelling with iPads!  The teacher, Karen Bosch  that created this is an Apple Distinguished Educator - which you know you are always getting great ideas there!  Here is also the link to her website I want to give a quick "recap" of some ideas and apps that you can use for various activities.  Feel free to jump onto the website to check it out for yourself.  Some of the ideas have already been used, and some a super neat and cool.  I haven't yet played with (you KNOW that I have downloaded them - since I am an APP ADDICT:) all of the apps she mentions, but they look pretty fun for teachers to teach with and kids to use - here is a general list of things found on the slideshow:

1. Choose a photo/text app such as Photo Collage Creator (which is the one we use) or Pic Collage and have the students write a story with 6 word only!  Have them use the front camera on their iPad to take the photos of themselves.  This would be a neat back to school activity, of end of the year activity after the year's complete.

2. Combine photography with poetry using the apps above

3. Using Bill Atkinson Photo Card Lite (free) students can write a post card to a friend, have them write in a certain tense, point of view of just different genre.  A neat one!

4. Write About This is a free/$2.99 app that allow you to write with photo prompts.  You can also add in your own - what a great way to get students writing.

5.  Students can use the app Trading Cards (free)to write about and create their own "baseball" trading cards about topics of choice.  They can import photos and take and then write to go with it.

6.  These are both great story writing apps - you can never have enough of these:  Collin's Big Cats Series and  Story Kit and they're both free!

7.  Here are some comic strip apps to check out - I haven't had a chance yet - but if I find one I love you know I'll blog it later - Photo Comic ($.99), Comic Touch Lite (free), Half Tone ($.99), Kabaam ($.99)

8.  These video/audio apps looked kind of fun, too  - Audioboo (free), Morfo (free), Cartoonatic Christmas (free), DoodleCam (free)

That's what I could compile from Karen Bosch's Site - feel free to check it out!

Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

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