Thursday, March 7, 2013


     I am not sure if you use Pinterest or not, but if you are unaware, this is a site that allows you to "pin" boards for MANY MANY things.  Whether it be finding new furniture for your living room, or finding ideas for new hair styles, Pinterest has it!  However, the PLETHORA of information you can find from an educational perspective is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  Anything that you might possibly teach during the course of the year can be found here!  Websites, ideas, apps, technology, you name it the list is endless!  All you need to do is either choose the Education category, or search for whatever it is you are looking for!  If you are NOT a pinner yet, you DO have to be invited to join Pinterest.  Give me a hollar and I'll send an invite to you:)!!Once you're in - you create an account and start pinning:)!!  Oh did I mention it's FREE FREE FREE!!!

Here are some boards that have already been created - simply go and search!!!

   These are just 5 of the gazillion pinterest boards and pins related to education.  DO NOT let this FREE RESOURCE escape you any more!!

Happy Pinning,
Mrs. I:)

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