Monday, March 4, 2013

I am a SUCKER for new technologies......

   I just had to write about this!  I am sitting at my dining room table right now in search of the BEST apps for Reading as I am presenting at the MAASFEP Conference in a few weeks.  I only have an hour to present apps - so I want to make sure the ones I have are great ones indeed:)!!  I came across an AMAZING site that you MUST check out - go figure, right.  tcea Innovative Teaching and Learning.  Now I'm reading along and find the most amazing list of mostly "free" apps as you scroll down towards the bottom.  Now, like every TECH NERD like myself, you not only look for apps, but all the other things listed as well - that is where I found this -
   Now if you don't know what this is - don't worry - you will soon be seeing these EVERYWHERE!  It is a Celluon Magic Cube Projection Keyboard!  THIS IS AMAZING LOVE LOVE LOVE IT:)!!  This little device actually shoots infrared light to detect fingers as the keyboard.  It works on ANY flat surface and connects wirelessly through blue tooth!  I have been keeping my eye on it, and the price was right, so I BOUGHT IT!  That's right!!!   Like EVERY TECH NERD I BOUGHT IT:)!!!  (Did I mention that I have to have all the gadgets to go with my iPad?  But I haven't broken down yet for the mini:)!!
   If you want to find out more about it - read this product review - you will be AMAZED!!

I can't wait to get my hands on this little bugger - I KNOW that my seniors are going to want to use it daily - just like me:)!!

Happy Monday Night,
Mrs. I;) 


  1. The iPad is often shared by multiple users in a family. I'd like to be able to restrict access to some apps and ideally should be able to create a folder in which i place all such apps and protect access to this folder with a password. Is there a way to achieve this or an App that gives you this ability for security for a private folder?
    iPad VPN

  2. I have been looking and the response that I found EVERYWHERE is at this site - Basically there are ones that will allow for notes, pictures, video, etc.. (like an app called My Utilities), but nothing that I am aware of that will do this for apps - that would be SUPER great if so! I will keep checking and if I come across something I will let you know:)!!

  3. I kind of commented too fast:) - you CAN restrict which apps kids can and can't use in settings if you would like - settings-general-restrictions-enable restrictions - then you can choose which ones they can and can't use. Not sure this helps - I will keep plugging away:)