Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our First "Appy" Hour

   Well, our first "Appy" hour went really well!  There were about 20 or so teachers there to learn about QR codes and their use.  I am SO excited as most of the items that Casey and I "premade" were taken up to use in classrooms - YAHOO:)!!!  I KNOW KNOW that they are going to LOVE using them and start creating their own.  We simple reviewed how to use the QR Stuff wesite - how to download the code - and how to import it!  If you can't remember - or need some reminders - go to my Blog about QR Codes and you will be able to scan various codes that will help you - one of them is a Google Doc about hot to use the site QR Stuff !
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me with ANY questions that you might have, or if you need some help making them, brainstorming ways to use them, or resources for them as well!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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