Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Elearning in Barnesville

Since the state of Minnesota has ALLOWED it in school districts that are 1:1, we have taken full advantage of Elearning here in Barnesville.  Basically we are allowed to "count" the day that we may not physically be in school because of weather (a blizzard for instance), as a day of school because our students use their 1:1 iPads and learn at home.  Teachers have pre planned Elearning days ahead of time, allowing the kids to work at home on the school day that has been cancelled.  The high school has been able to continue their weeks as normal, as most just continue on with what they had been doing in class and keep it fairly linear.  The elementary school is a little different in that they tend to send a "packet" of ideas, apps, or activities to work on for reinforcement of skills that they have learned, or are currently working on.  Here are a few examples of things that students had to do for the Elearning days that have taken place so far this year:

 Students are listening to a book that they had been assigned in Epic! or another app for learning
 Working on her iPad comfortably on her couch:)
 Writing sight words with playdoh!
 Working with her word rings and practicing writing words.
 Listening to a podcast for social studies.
Finishing math that was assigned!

Overall, most would say it has been successful!  The parents have gained a BRAND NEW appreciation for teachers, as they have had to work a little more with their child(ren) with the work they have, and students have realized that being in school maybe ISN'T as bad as they say generally they have MORE work than if they would have just been in school.  The BEST part, the days COUNT AS DAYS and we don't have to add any on to the end of the year:)!!!

There have been things where adjustments have had to take place, but overall the teachers and students are satisfied with what is happening!  This is something that I don't think will be going away here in Barnesville, and in fact I just see this getting better and better each year!!

Take care all -
Mrs. I:)