Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chirp App for iPhone/iPad

    Alright, Mrs. Askegaard and some other teachers attended a math workshop yesterday on math apps and a little app called Chirp was presented and shared!   She stopped in today and talked to me a little bit about it so of course I had to download it and play!   THANK YOU MRS. ASKEGAARD FOR SHARING LOVE IT:)!!!  This little app might be my new favorite (sorry QR codes)!  What this app does is allow you to share photos, notes (that you type on the spot, not existing ones), and links via a "chirp" to anyone else that has the Chirp app open and is on the same Wi-Fi network.  The app works via sound waves, so it will actually chirp like a bird when it has sent and received a new message, photo or note.  SO COOL!!!  Best part as usual - FREE:)!!!  Now, I clearly need to do some more research with this, and check for safety, etc.. but I can see SO many ways that this would be a HUGE benefit in a classroom with students; collaborative projects, linking to websites, splitting up work and duties, wanted to send your kids a quick something but forgot - wow!! 
     Check out the video below that shows you the basics of how Chirp works.  Be sure to download the Chirp app BEFORE you watch it - since this app works on sound waves, you will actually receive the chirps that the guy sends in the video - WOW WOW WOW:)!!

      Have fun playing with this one.  I have it downloaded on my iPhone and my iPad and have been playing back and forth to see how it works - NERD YES INDEED - but OH SO FUN:)!!

Happy Wednesday Night,
Mrs. I:)

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