Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh Configurator - the LOVE/HATE Relationship!!

  UGH!!  Yup - already saying that!!!(  Well here's the saga........

Casey brought the MacMini to his house as it wasn't working great at school so he wanted to take a peek.  Come to find out that the memory chip in there is bad!  No biggie - ALL the apps are still there:), and he just ordered a new memory chip to replace it.  For now it should be good to go with what we have to do - aren't adding NEW ones really just updating and replacing - so we say!!

I brought the MacMini back to school to hook up and get going with the updating - that's where I am now - the MacMini keeps shutting down and restarting - YIKES!!  IT DOES reopen and start working again but then I get the "BLACK BOX OF DEATH" saying that your computer needs to restart- RIPPING MY HAIR OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!  I am PRAYING that the memory is the answer so once Casey gets it, he can put it in and go from there - BLAH!!

So here I sit working on app lists, Schoology and importing new Kindergarteners - which ALL has to be done - but I am just SICK in the pit of my stomach!!  UGH..........

On a lighter and LESS stressful note - we didn't have ANY of the iPads charged - so we are in the process of doing that.  Why would we have the students FULLY charge their iPads in the spring and then power them down - that would have only MADE SENSE!!! :(


I'll keep you posted - AND to top it off - we start distribution a WEEK FROM MONDAY - let's see how much magic Casey and I can pull off - LOTS OF PRAYERS that's for sure:)!!

Happy Friday and Weekend -
Mrs. I:)

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