Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You HAVE to Laugh.....

    Casey and I are at the elementary school today doing updates for the grades 3-5. So far, all has been going well.  Done with 4th grade, 1/2 of 5th and hopefully will get done with the rest of 5th and 3rd this afternoon - YES!!  But - we have STILL not solved the issue with K-2 - who knows!!:(
   However - a little humor for you today!  A teacher talked to me about a student needing a new cord, so could I please get her one.  "Sure," I said, "No problem!"  Here is what was in my box:

  Again, I have to LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!!!  There is NO way that I am going to give this child another cord.  I told the teacher that they would have to pay the $25 replacement fee as this is NOT an Apple defective cord- and the mother said that she would just take it back and try to fix it - OH:)!!!

Day by Day folks - Laugh it up when you can - which TRULY is MOST DAYS LATELY:)!!
Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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