Sunday, October 27, 2013

What's Up This Week......

   Wow!  There seems to be an overwhelming amount to be done this week - and NOT because it's Halloween and I have "HOME" things to do too:)!!  We plan on heading to the elementary school tomorrow to finish the update on the Kindergarten-2nd grade.  We grabbed an iPad from Mrs. Justesen's room last week as it needed an app on it to "try" this, and went perfect!  Hopefully that is how it will go with the others that have to be done.  I also get to (YAHOO) go into Ms. Brown's 2nd Grade classroom and teach the the app Explain Everything.  Not only do I LOVE this app, I LOVE doing this - YES YES YES:)!!  I miss those little kiddos SO much, so I love the opportunity, when invited, to go into classrooms and help out!  Updates should take a few days - which means MASS CHAOS at the high school as both Casey and I are at the elementary school, so I will have to jump back and forth a few times to see if there are needs at the high school during the day as well.
    Our Apple Representative is coming on Tuesday to spend part of the day with us.  He wants to see what we do day to day and how we do it.  He clearly just sells the Apple Products and really has NO idea what is going on after that point, so he wants to learn - I told our Superintendent to be careful, as Casey and I might be offered a job from him with Apple:)!!  Just Saying......
    Casey also has access points that he has to double check as there's some trouble spots, there are some presentations that I have to start thinking about, speech students to guide (not related, here;)  and follow up with teachers on Schoology items.....another busy one for sure - which I LOVE as the weeks FLY - just wish the Vikings defense could have as the Packers JUST scored another touchdown - UGH!!

Happy Sunday Night Everyone,
Mrs. I:)

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