Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Apple Configurator = 0 Mrs. I = 1:-)

  I DID IT!!  Well, I actually found HOW to do it thanks to Apple blogs and posts complaining!  Not sure if you remember - but when the iOS 7 update came out, and I would go into iTunes and update apps and import the updates into Configurator, is was making paid apps free.  Couldn't understand why?  The area where is shows how many redemption codes you have left actually said FREE - weird!  Even when I would put in on a student's iPad; let's say a new student coming into the district, it worked!  I didn't call Apple on it as I figured it was something that would just work once the next update came around, but nothing.  There WAS another Apple Configurator update this morning, so I ran it thinking that it has GOT to fix this issue - NOPE!!  So, I went to trusty Google and searched. Simply by deleting the app and adding it back INTO Configurator gave me back the redemption codes - YES!!  Now, one would think WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU GET RID OF FREE:)!!  However, if you try to remove a paid app that is now free, it will NOT let you!  Which means, it also won't allow Configurator to run through the entire download process, which for us means that the App Store and iTunes remains on the iPads.  NOT. A. GOOD. THING!  So, I DID go back and delete all the paid apps that this had done it to and reimported them - GOOD. TO. GO:)!!!
   Pretty pathetic that a "lucky" article ready by me can bring such pure joy and excitement, but in this world, any little thing I figure out is a HUGE victory!!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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