Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TIES Day 2:)

  Well - Day 2 is here!  I just want you to see what I see:

3,800 people in attendance that's QUITE a Conference!  AND - look below as these are the sessions we had to choose form EACH and EVERY day:

My first session was on Tip & Tricks for the Mac and iPad.  Pete Markham, an Apple Engineer, did a really good job sharing all the new features with iOS 7 and iOS X8 for the Mac.  This site will give you SO many things that you may not have learned!!  The other thing he shared which I am SO SO glad Apple came out with was a TRUE Apple Keyboard Shortcuts!  YES.YES.YES.  You will find this SO useful especially if you are typically not an Apple user.

 Look at these AMAZING, GREAT, and INNOVATIVE teachers hard at work!!!

YES!  This is pretty much what we looked like after EACH session trying to download ALL we had gained in knowledge and resources before jumping to ANOTHER one to just do the SAME. THING!  However - after HARD work - must come some down time!  Here we are enjoying the "decompressing" phases with a great meal at Hell's Kitchen - SO GOOD!!!
  It was SUCH a SUPER AMAZING conference again! Yes, I DO need to find another word for AMAZING as I overuse it - but what else CAN describe it?  I will totally blog more about TIES when I get back - off to learn more and keep the brain a moving:)!!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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