Friday, December 20, 2013

TIES 2013 Sessions 2 - The Flipped Classroom

   Session 2 at TIES for me was on flipping your classroom.  Steve Graves, a science teacher from St. Francis Public Schools, showed us how he has flipped his classroom and the success he has had.  He showed a YouTube video called "What is a Flipped Classroom (in 60 seconds), which pretty much sums it up in a minute - check it out:
  Everyone has heard about this - and YES - everyone would be able to do it - but taking the step to actually TRY it in the biggest challenge most teachers face.

Here were his basic steps in a nutshell:
1. Talk to other flippers - check out Flipped Learning for a collaboration of ideas and information
2. Communicate with administration
3. Send a letter home to parents
4. Don't flip EVERYTHING - ease into it
5. Determine in class product for understanding
6. Create your own or find GOOD videos
7. Create a web base for your videos

These are ALL great ideas from him - but I would add - HAVE THE KIDS DO VIDEOS:)!!  What better way to check for understanding than for kids to create some of the podcasts and videos for you:)!!  Then you will have them to use year after year - YAHOO!

Those are just some GENERAL ideas to get started - I TOTALLY agree with talking to other flippers - what better way to learn than from those that are doing it!

Happy Afternoon,
Mrs. I:)

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