Friday, December 13, 2013

A Few More....

  One of our math teachers here, Ms. Brown, is getting her Master's Degree in Technology.  For one of her classes she had various assignments.  She was willing to let me blog about them and post here for use if anyone would like them!:)

1. Netiquette - This page was written for young adults in the context of a high school classroom. However, the ideas and guidelines discussed are also applicable for any internet-using adults.

2. Web Assessibility - This page is intended for undergraduate students studying the basic principles of web design. However, this page would also be appropriate for graduate students or adults of any age that are beginning to learn about web design.

3. Solving Quadratics - This page was designed for high school students in Algebra 2 who are learning about solving quadratic equations. 

4. Measures of Central Tendency - This jigsaw activity was designed as a cooperative learning experience where you will learn about the different measures of central tendency in small, student-run groups. Each of you will become an expert in one measure of central tendency and then you will teach others about it. Likewise, the other people in your group will teach you about the measure of central tendency they became an expert on. This activity is based on Elliot Aronson’s Jigsaw Classroom model. 

5. Fibonacci Field Trip 

6. Geometry in Architecture 

7. Extreme Makeover: Basement Addition Webquest 

THANK YOU MS. BROWN:)!!!  If you have ANY questions about any of these, I am sure Ms. Brown would be TOTALLY fine with you contacting her via email from one of these sites:)!!

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

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