Monday, December 16, 2013

TIES 2013 - I'm HERE:)!!!

  TIES 2013 - I AM HERE!!  AND - I.AM.OVERWHELMED. ALREADY!!!  WOW - I have only gone to one session and my head already HURTS:)!!  Here I am just about ready to listen to "Steps to Help You Flip Your Classroom,"  and very excited for this one, too!!  We have a social studies teacher, Mr. Krause, who has already flipped his Grade 10 classroom, and one of the English teachers, Mrs. Gross, is actually doing her thesis on flipped classrooms and will be flipping one of her classrooms in the spring - so we are starting to move a little in that direction.  Also, Mrs. Askegaard, a fifth grade teacher, is going to attend some sessions on it as well - so there might be a LOT of FLIPPING. GOING. ON!

I will TOTALLY email as the days progress - and then take a moment to reflect and absorb - so I will FOR.SURE. let you know about ALL the dandy and amazing things I find out and learn here!

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

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