Thursday, December 19, 2013

My 1st TIES Session in a SNAP:)

Here is a QUICK overview of who I went to see and what I learned from my sessions at TIES 2013.  Now remember - if you want to go and look at ANYTHING that was there - you can actually access almost ALL the sessions by creating an account and then looking at the presenters and their presentation information!  I would HIGHLY.RECOMMEND.IT!
   The first session I attend was "Engaging Readers with Technology."  Jennifer Erickson and Sandy Wisneski are teachers and technology learners from Catalyst Charter School; which just opened this fall I believe.  They had SO many great ideas to share about incorporating various sites and projects into their Language Arts Curriculum - here's a brief recap:

1. Use videos to engage students with lessons.  They talked about Komando Vidoe, which is a site that could be used to model thinking, questioning and connecting.  One could also use these videos right before reading articles or novels to get their mind set.  Another good site for videos was Watch Know Learn.  Check them out!

2. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the idea of kids doing video mashups!  Assign a vocabulary word, create a storyboard, and then using images and video show what that word means.  BRILLIANT:)!!  She used the site Tingo Ed for examples of these - SO GREAT!!

3. These were some others websites that she mentioned in using:
     Vocaroo is an online recording site - students can record voices and then export
     What Should I Read Next? is perfect for helping students find a book similar to one they read
     Rewordify lets you paste text and make it either higher or lower on the lexile scale
     Newsela has current events where you can bring the articles down or up depending on grade
     Grammarly is an instant grammar check for teachers or anyone
      Padlet formerly Wallwisher, let you create a collaborative pad for students to write on - LOVE!
     Skype seems obvious - but what better way to talk with others and collaborate

4. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this idea!!  Use pictures to teach inferencing - DUH!!!  Group things together and take a picture of it - have the kids try to guess who it's about?  Where they live?  What time period it is?  Piece what you already know and come up with a conclusion - DUH DUH DUH - why didn't I EVER use this - SO basic and SO simple - here's an example:

I just LOVE this idea - probably one of my FAVORITES:)!!  You could also totally have the kids do one to see what they know about characters - COOL COOL COOL!

I know that's only ONE session - but SO. MUCH. TERRIFIC. information!  Try to absorb some of it - good luck!

I will post again later - Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

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