Thursday, December 5, 2013

Late Start Day = Learning Day!

   Brochure is finished - CHECK!   iPads are fixed - CHECK!  Learning more and more - CHECK!!!

I have been playing and looking on Thinglink and HOLY COW there's a LOT here!  There are SO many great and already created thinglinks that you can access - use the codes for - share with your students - and actually CREATE in the Thinglink App.  Here are some that I have found to be SO great:

1. Explain Everything - I wanted this one in September when I was showing 2nd and 3rd graders how to use the app Explain Everything and what all the icons mean - LOVE IT:)!!

2. iPad App Basics - This is Apps 101 and which ones you might want to start with

3. Digital Citizenship Survival Kit - this is a neat one on all the basic things needed to remember:)

4. Sites for Your Classroom - plethora of information and sites for your classroom!

Ok - gotta run for now - there are SO SO many more that I can post!

Happy Thursday Night - heading to Michael W. Smith and Third Day concert - CAN. NOT. WAIT!
Mrs. I:)

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