Friday, December 20, 2013


   Now, I know that this IS the 21st Century - so NOTHING should really surprise me in terms on what kids are doing on devices.  However - I walk down the hallway today, and this is what I see:

PRICELESS!!!!!  Not only that they are sitting in fold up lawn chairs, that they keep IN their lockers, but the fact that they are having breakfast, drinking coffee and maybe finishing up some last minute homework - OH 21ST CENTURY!!!

AND BEST PART - I come back to my office and Mr. Spouse brought me this:

What is BETTER than a Starbucks soy vanilla latte and Bison tickets?  NOTHING:) Well at least - not today:)!!!
I am STILL compiling things from TIES - I will give you sessions 2-4 today
Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

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