Wednesday, December 11, 2013

GREAT Ideas:)!!

  I have been looking this morning for Language Arts curriculum, especially digitally, since this is up for review this year.  However - as I continue to search I find some AMAZING and ADORABLE idea.

1.  The blog Mrs. Patton's Patch had this great idea:

As the kids learn a new app, she puts in on the large iPad so the kids are aware of the ones they CAN go to and the ones they have yet to learn - brilliant:)!

2. CarnazzosClass used Google Earth and the apps Skitch and Scribble Press to create a project on landforms - cool:)!
  This classroom also used the app Pic Collage to create a collage on all the ways to make certain numbers.  They took pictures of the pattern blocks and snap cubes they used and then wrote the families - LOVE:)!!

3. Common Sense Media created this cute and basic poster for handling and using the iPad in the lower elementary - so simple but so effective with the pictures to go with it:)

4.The blog Zig-Zagging Through Education has some AMAZING ideas, here - one with the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear has the kids create a retelling of the story with the Educreations app.  What a FUN. FUN. way to do this with ANY story really:)!

5. This is a clever way to store your iPads if you don't have a cart or space for that matter.  I found this on Pinterest and thought it worth sharing:)

6.  Nearpod is an app that teachers SHOULD be using.  It's a GREAT and EASY way to create and borrow presentations on just about anything.  This link has a great step by step direction sheet and the how tos of Nearpod.  There is a companion website that goes with it where you can create and make everything with ease.  Check it out!
WOW RANDOM!!!  I'm a NORTHERN BRAIN - AND OVERWHELMING AGAIN - sorry!  I just KEEP. FINDING. AMAZING. THINGS.  Oh - to be back in the classroom again - sigh!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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