Monday, December 9, 2013

Interactive Page - YES:)!!

  Mr. Schmitt, one of the science teachers, wanted to create a document that kids would be able to interact with.  After looking through some resources and reading online, there are many things to do this with, but everything was an app or download that the kids couldn't do.  We also looked in the Widgets in iBook Author and found it wasn't really what he wanted!  We started thinking and came up with a Pages document.  If you create a document, and float your images, the kids would then be able to open the document in Pages, put the images where they belong, and send to him via Schoology.  Here is what I made as an example:
  Now this is SUPER basic - the kids could simple drag the pictures where they belong chronologically in order.  They could also add dates, information about each image, etc...  but the idea being that the kids are the ones interacting and recreating it!!
  I will TOTALLY blog about what Mr. Schmitt comes up with as his will be AMAZING and not so simple; the science mind you know!!:)

Happy Night Everyone - Keep Warm:)
Mrs. I:)

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