Tuesday, December 3, 2013


  Sorry I have been SLACKING lately - ugh!!  BUT that might actually mean that things have been going ok here thus far - which is NOT a lie:)!!  Just a few things that have STILL been frustrating:

1. Found out through Apple that ALL our iPads will need to be stripped and reconfigured this summer - YAHOO - SOUNDS LIKE FUN:!(!  The guy I talked to really wasn't sure why - I was telling him about my inability to remove apps without ungrouping them - and he thought that some where along the line with updating - there are some bad files in there; long story short - wipe them!  SO even though I am not THRILLED about this - it's probably a fine thing to do this summer.  With iCloud and Dropbox, the things that kids REALLY want to keep can be sent here!

2. Still have trouble with the Firmware on some iPads - it says that it can't install iOS 7.0.4 because of a firmware that I have to remove - eventually it works - but again - NO CONSISTENCY!!!  Well, not actually ALL work!  As I type I have two sitting on Configurator giving me the YELLOW TRIANGLE OF DEATH!!!:)

3.  Trying to continue to find digital curriculum that will work with our Language Arts department is still and will be the ongoing search! What to do - at what grade level to do it - where to get stuff - who to buy through?  All questions that have NO answers at this point - I'll keep you posted!

Well- that's all for now!  I'm grabbing some MEAN stashes of baking ingredients in case this storm hits and I have time to cook a few batches of orange fudge and sand bakkles tonight:)!  And MAYBE tomorrow!

Stay safe and Happy Tuesday Night,
Mrs. I:)

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