Monday, November 11, 2013

Thought the Problem was Solved.....But......

  I called Apple today because I have been having trouble removing apps.  I had looked in various spots within restrictions and couldn't really pinpoint what was going on.  Once I talked with them, they had me click the box that says "Allow Installation of Apps," which doesn't sound right I know, but it seemed to work as I got the YAHOO battery that means life is successful in Apple Configurator!  Well, thought so, NOT SO!!:(   It DID show that the app was NOT on there as it was unchecked, but when I went to the iPad, it is STILL on there - ugh!!  I am NOT sure what to do.  If I remove the iPad from the group it retains my redemption codes and allows me to prepare it again, but that means that I have to then put all the apps back on.  Now this isn't a problem if it's for a new student as I generally wipe the old iPad anyway, but if I have to remove an app for some reason; it's not working properly, they need the space for other things, etc... I don't have that ability.  Anyone knowing WHY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give a hollar!  I guess I'll be calling Apple again tomorrow!

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

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