Wednesday, November 6, 2013


  I am wondering if any other "Configurator"  users are having the same issue that we are here.  When I hook iPads up to Apple Configurator to apply apps, update apps, whatever it might be, it will completely wipe and reapply ALL the apps on certain iPads - WHY?  I really don't understand all the inconsistencies that I am seeing; especially since the iOS 7 update and Apple Configurator update.  Now, I know, we SHOULD NOT have done the update to begin with, but try to tell a 10 year old to just ignore that red push notification on the settings - NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN!  For example, this morning I hooked up 28 iPads to do the updates as with a certain profile we were noticing that kids weren't able to access many websites that they needed.  I clicked the SAME thing to do on the ENTIRE batch - yet here ONE iPAD is sitting and reinstalling EVERYTHING.  AND to make it worse, it's an iPad where a paraprofessional has spent COUNTLESS hours creating things for this student to use - WHY!!!???  There is NO explanation, and I can find NOTHING about it as to why this is happening - If you know or have ANY advice - PLEASE PLEASE comment back!

Happy Wednesday -
Mrs. I:)

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