Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Something NEW - AGAIN:)!! & TIES:)!!!

    Something new AGAIN - I really should be keeping a journal instead of relying on my brain to remember all that I have learned - GEEZ!  Today - couldn't get sound to come out of an iPad.  When I went to Settings - Sound, I would toggle the bar and sure enough sound would come.  The side button wasn't locked to Mute, only Rotate, and in Settings - Privacy - Microphone - all was turned on that should be and didn't see anything fishy!  However - went to Settings - General - Reset - Reset Location and Privacy - and YES. YES. YES - it's worked:)!!  CRAZY as I never knew this trick before.  It merely rests JUST the Location & Privacy settings back to factory - so whatever the reason why - it works now - THANK YOU:)!
    Actually I think I WILL start compiling all this madness in this blog - who knows?  That might be my millions waiting for me:)!!  Probably not - but a gal can dream, right?
    On another note, SO. SO. SO. SO. excited to be going to TIES 2013; which is the state of Minnesota's technology conference!!  This year we are bringing  a PLETHORA of individuals down - YES:)!!  Two teachers from the elementary, two from the high school, Mr. Strand, the high school principal. and Casey and I!  LOVE that we have SO many going - the commitment to technology is really shining through with this one!  My focus, of course, will be digital curriculum and Language Arts, since that is what is up for review this year.  The others will look and have to decide exactly where they want to head.  There are SO many wonderful break out sessions, that you really can't EVER be disappointed with any of them - just choose your ONE area of focus and attend those - otherwise such BRAIN. OVERLOAD!

Well, Happy Tuesday everyone,
Mrs. I:)

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