Wednesday, November 27, 2013


  I JUST discovered these AMAZING apps that Khan Academy is putting out in all their content areas!!! The have GOT. IT. RIGHT.   Khan Academy: Algebra I is an example of one of the MANY S.T.E.M. based apps available on the App Store.  Each app consists of the videos that you can find on their website, but you DO NOT need the Internet to access them - YAHOO:)!!!  That way, the kids have the apps on their iPads (well, actually they are only iPhone and iPod available, which WORKS on the iPad still) and the videos are already embedded in there - WAY TO GO KHAN:)!!!  It does say on there that they will be coming out with an iPad version soon - LOVE THEM:)!!  Here's just a quick snapshot of some of them that they have to offer - but there are TONS:)!!  And ALL. FREE!!!

   If I come across anymore, I will surely let you know!!  Happy Thanksgiving break - enjoy your time with family and friends!!!
Mrs. I:)

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