Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GREAT Idea Mrs. Willers

  Each spring, what we do in Barnesville, is pretty much wipe the senior iPads and recycle them down to Kindergarten.  When the school year is done, the Kindergarteners bring their iPads with them to first grade, and so and so.  I was talking with Mrs. Willers yesterday, and she asked if there was ANY way that the Kindergarten teachers could KEEP their iPads and start this recycling process at first grade - TOTALLY. MAKES. SENSE!!!  The Kindergarten teachers have to folder ALL of their iPads as the kids are too little to do this.  This also means they have to put codes in for Schoology, Storia, Dropbox, etc... for EVERY iPad and EVERY account that they have - YIKES!!!  WHAT. A. BRILLIANT. IDEA!  They SHOULD get to keep their iPads as year after year, that would be SO SO time consuming!!  I am going to throw that idea at Mr. Loeslie, our Superintendent, and see what he thinks.
    Also, yesterday, four teachers and myself went to Lakes Country for a workshop on Digital Curriculum - OH OH MY:)!!  There were SO SO many WONDERFUL and FABULOUS things out there - once I collect my thoughts I will TOTALLY share the resources;)!!  We are looking this year for Language Arts, as our curriculum cycle is up this year for that content area.  Obviously with the iPads for all kids and Macbooks for teachers, iBook Author and "other" digital content is what we're trying to do - SO - I DO think it's possible - WOW!  What we need of course is TIME. TIME. TIME.  Never enough, and always needing it!

I will talk more later - Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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