Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week #1 - off and running; no sprinting!!!

Hey - sorry it's been a week - but WOW WHAT A WEEK:)!!!  Here are the highlights of what has been happening Year 2 1:1 Initiative and Week 1:

1. ALL students and teachers are now up and running with Schoology, emails, and iPads
2. MOST elective classes have all their apps on - a few sections left, but most are finished
3. Students have been checking and submitting things DAILY into Dropbox for Schoology
4. Internet has been GREAT - a little glitchy at TIMES throughout a few of the days - but SO SO SO much better than where we were at last year
5. Groups have been starting to be created in Schoology - and I have successfully (just today) created a "schoolwide" group for announcements, polling for Student Council, and other types of announcements and notifications that need to go out
6. LOTS of questions - but most I had answers for
7. Teachers are submitting lessons plans on Schoology
8. Most parents have signed up to follow their student's progress
9. New students are added and in
10. More iPads and chargers have been ordered - we're about out

 Well, that's what I have so far for the first week of school!  Everyone has been AMAZING and jumping right in with things - YAHOO:)!!!

Thank you staff for being SO understanding as I try to reach those in need and those that need help with things - YOU ARE ALL GREAT:)!!
Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

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