Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Simple Solution - Give em' NEW iPads:)

  So - I decided to ease myself of the STRESS of getting these two darlings their iPads back and just went ahead and gave them two NEW ones on LOAN:)!!  The stress level has lessened SIGNIFICANTLY!!!  Again - because I am a "fixer" of EVERY life problem, this bothered me to NO end!  Even though the issue isn't FIXED COMPLETELY - temporarily it is and I know that those students can at least access their stuff!  However, after lunch I will make the dreaded call to Apple and get connected through a chain of staff members until someone can actually help me - ok a little facetious!!  Apple isn't THAT BAD and YES they do solve the issues - just hate sitting on the phone and admitting that I can't solve it - UGH!!!  And moreover, I won't get an explanation as to WHY they are doing what they are doing - even worse!!! 
   On a lighter note - Internet is going great, iPads are rolling and working, and Schoology is still something that I would recommend to ALL and EVERYONE with a 1:1 initiative!

Happy day,

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