Monday, September 2, 2013

It's TIME:)!!!

   HERE WE GO - YEAR 2!!!:)  I can NOT believe how much smoother things have gone so far this year - from iPad distribution to the uploading of apps onto the iPads - WOW:)!!  SO much easier having a year under our belts!!  I KNOW that there will be things that we run into - but I just can't believe all that we have learned in the process. 
    Schoology is going to be our BIGGEST challenge this year.  Learning it - uploading files to it - getting kids used to it - etc.. but again, once it's learned and the process begins - I can not WAIT to see the amazing things that everyone will be doing once again - unbelievable!  I have already seen SO many great things that teachers are doing - they really do AMAZE and INSPIRE me each and every day to work hard for THEM to make THEIR jobs easier!! 

I truly am BLESSED beyond belief!
Happy First Day everyone -
Mrs. I:)

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