Monday, September 16, 2013

Apps Gone Free - YIKES!!! AND STAR App - YAHOO:)!!

   So, I have been TOTALLY talking up and saying CHECK APPS GONE FREE DAILY:)!!  Which - YES - I would still encourage all to do this - however - here's what we're finding out:

1. Some developers put a certain "time frame" for the app to be free

2.  Once I did the update on some of these apps - they all of a sudden want REDEMPTION CODES and won't let us have them anymore!!  THEY ARE GONE!!

3.  However - they stay on the iPads that HAVE them right now - but once removed, I am afraid that we are going to LOSE them and have to actually PAY for them:(

Makes sense, but frustrated as we had them for free and now we won't next year.  Also a little strange, as I can download that SAME app on my own iPad, do the update, and it doesn't make me pay!  However, there must be a code or something tied to it that KNOWS that Configurator is a "multi" user distributor - SHUCKS!!!

That's all for today - have been updating iPads at the elementary as there's a new STAR App from Reading Renaissance!  If you take the STAR Reading and Math tests, you're going to want this one:)!!  No lab checkout - RIGHT on the iPads - YAHOO:)!!

Happy Night -
Mrs. I:)

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