Wednesday, October 26, 2016


One of the BEST things one can do as a teacher is continue his/her education.  Whether it's reading professional books, attending conferences, or conversing with others, learning should continue to take place.  I really feel that is teachers quit learning, what's in it for the students.  What better way to become BETTER than to keep learning TOGETHER!!!  TED Talks are SUPER amazing, and a great way to motivate, learn, and help instill a passion and love again that might be faded a bit:)!!  This site lists the 50 Most Inspiring TED Talks for Teachers, but here are some GREAT ones (some ONE that list) that I feel you may want to check out:

TED Talks – Ideas Worth Spreading
Education talks WORTH looking a 

What I’ve Learned from My Autistic Brothers (5 minutes):

The Beauty of Being a Misfit (13 minutes):

Changing Education Paradigms (12 minutes):

Don’t Eat the Marshmallow (6 minutes):

How Great Leaders Inspire Action (18 minutes):

The Puzzle of Motivation (18 minutes):

Tales of Creativity and Play (27 minutes):

Every Kid Needs a Champion (8 minutes):

A Free Digital Library (20 minutes):

How to Escape Education’s Death Valley (19 minutes):

Kids, Take Charge (9 minutes):

The Call to Learn (18 minutes):

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe (12 minutes):

How to Raise Successful Kids – Without Over-parenting (14 minutes):

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (21 minutes):

The Power of Introverts (19 minutes):

The Happy Secret to Better Work (12 minutes):

How to Make Stress Your Friend (14 minutes):

 Sorry about the weird format. I just copy and pasted them from a document that I created for our CPT.  Teachers here are going to pick 3-4 of them to watch and discuss in their PLCs on Friday!

Happy Wednesday all - YOU MADE IT TO MIDWEEK - YAHOO!
Mrs. I;)

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