Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Latest Happenings

Again - apologies for NOT keeping up to day - I FINALLY feel like I have a good grasp of things - and GOOD HEAVENS - it's October 11, so I SHOULD!!!  Here are the problems/issues/victories that I have encountered in the last couple of weeks:)!!

1. JSS is UP TO DATE!  We had to update our system because students were updating iPads and the older version didn't support iOS 10 - SO once we did that, students were no longer prompted to log into the app store and all is well now!  I am able to push to kiddos regardless of version and all works:)!!  Some of the problems that were happening were apps were almost in STUCK mode and not pushing out, apps weren't loading fulling, apps were blinking out, etc... by simply putting kiddos in exclusions, and then removing them from exclusions, a LOT of issues were fixed.  ALSO - didn't think to actually SHUT DOWN the iPads, and just restart them (not a hard reset), and that also was enough to get many of them rolling again - WOW!

2. Google + - We are trying to find a good website/app for blogging with 9th graders.  We use the Blogger app with Mrs. Gross' journalism class, but this was a paid app, and don't want to pay for it for the 9th graders.  SO we are going to try Google +.  Students can create a "collection" and blog about whatever they choose.  They will also go in and add their classmates so they can comment and view one another's work.  This is something that Mrs. Gross wanted to instill, and it was one of the 4 C's that we were SUPER weak in, so hopefully this will help with that.


Victory #1 - I now feel comfortable with JSS - YAHOO!!  It is SO SO very different from Apple Configurator - and I'm not going to lie - a LOVE/HATE relationship STILL exists - but at least I am figuring out how to actually do things;)!!

Victory #2 - NEW WEBSITE!  Casey, our tech coordinator, has spent MANY MANY hours looking at and learning the ins and outs of our new website, set to go LIVE November 1st:)!!  This makes me SO SO happy as our website now is in TOUGH shape and this new one is just LOVELY:)!!  More to come on that once it's up and running ---

Victory #3 - Podcasts- I am staying a head of the 4th graders as far as podcasts go.  I have a few more to go and I will be done with Topi 4!

I know, right, celebrate the little things that happen as they are often the things that GET ME THROUGH THE DAY!!!

I will blog more tomorrow - and I'm STILL working on updating app lists - sorry -
Happy Tuesday night - make some soup, snuggle on the couch with a book and stay warm all!
Mrs. I:)

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