Wednesday, January 14, 2015

iMovie and Wordle Book Reviews

  For Mrs. Gross's Independent Reading class, the students have to read three novels during the quarter and do a book review of each one.  In addition, she also has them create a "project" based on the book that they just read.  One of her students did a book review on the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn - check out his iMovie trailer that he created - DIED LAUGHING - SO GREAT:)!!

Some other students chose to go to the Wordle site.  They had to create a word cloud and explain WHY they chose the words they did in their "cloud."  The more important words had to be larger than the others, and the students had to explain WHY that was the case.  Here are some examples:

This one is for the novel White Fang by Jack London:

This one is created after the novel 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult:
Two more great ideas to use with ANY novel.  This class is taught to senior high students, but these projects could be incorporated into just about ANY grade level!

Happy Wednesday 'all,
Mrs. I:)

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