Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Explain Everything App

  The app Explain Everything is EVERY bit as good as they say it is AND MORE!!!  This is ONE app that I REALLY feel is worth the cost - GET IT:)!!  It is SO SO open ended and can be used with EVERY content area!  Mrs. Askegaard and myself have been using it to make podcasts for her math lessons, which she then uploads to Youtube and links to Schoology each day - SUPER EASY!  I have been in Mrs. Tonsfeldt's third grade this year showing it to her kiddos, and was in Ms. Brown's room yesterday showing 2nd graders.  PLEASE PLEASE use this one!  We have this for every student grades K-5 and SO glad we did!  It is the GO TO app of apps!  Even Kindergarteners can do it - YAHOO:)!
   If you ARE using it - here is a screen shot of a cheat sheet that I made for Mrs. Forsgren, a second grade teacher, as she wanted to post it as a "reference." 

Happy Day again
Mrs. I:)

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