Thursday, October 2, 2014

Long Time No Blog......Oops!

   I am finding out that the only REAL time I have been blogging lately is to COMPLAIN that something is WRONG!  I am happy to report that all is WELL:)!!!  Apple Configurator has been DEFEATED:):)!!!  After restoring all iPads this fall now, and repreparing them, things have been working smoothly!  YAHOO FOR ONCE!!!  There are still a FEW things that I don't "QUITE" understand, however, with a few of the apps.  GarageBand is one that has been killing me lately!  When we did the updates in August - apparently this was a FREE app that I was unsure about at the time, so when it updated, it took my codes away.  I wasn't really paying attention - so when the students go to the app on their iPads, it isn't the COMPLETE set of GarageBand - go figure!  I COULD go and delete the app - redownload spreadsheet and then reimport and hook up iPads again - NOT  GOING  TO   HAPPEN!!  The kiddos in band and choir have just been coming down and I have been doing it manually - UGH!!  It's working, so we'll keep at it and fix the problem in the spring when they are all collected again!  The iOS 8 update has also been winning a little.  I told the kiddos DO NOT do it please!  But, of course, there are many that can NOT handle the push notification of the Settings app, so they did it.  Now some of their apps are going in and out but I am STANDING FIRM and NOT updating the apps!  I am NOT going to go through all that chaos when kids were told to keep as is.  Until is become a "major" problem, it's staying as is!

    So that's all I have for now!  I will FINALLY get to updating the app lists and content lists - SORRY!!  That will be done by tomorrow I hope and then I will list them again on here!  I have been working on some podcasts for Mrs. Askegaard, a fifth grade teacher, again for math.  She uses these as review lessons and uploads them to Schoology for her kids to use - so that's been fun to do!

Take care all - Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

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