Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Macbook 101 - Day 1

  We also decided that since we have Macbook Pros, and some are still not very comfortable using them, that we would try and get more on board and have mini sessions for them as well!  We went over BASIC stuff today:

1.  Using the spotlight
2. Using Air Drop
3. Stickies on your desktop
4. Downloading documents
5. Saving documents
6. Creating folder on the desktop and putting documents in them
7. Screen shots - not sure if you know these = MOST HELPFUL:)!!!

Command/Shift/3 for screenshot
Command/Shift/4 for screen clipping
Command/Shift/Control/4 for screen clipping saved to clipboard that you can paste into document
  I would like to do ONE Macbook session each week - progressing through the basic use of it to creating documents in Pages, Keynote, and "other" type of teacher created items:)!
Happy Day Y'all
Mrs. I:)

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