Monday, October 13, 2014

Independent Reading and QR Codes:)

   Mrs. Gross, an English teacher here, has a new class this year called Independent Reading.  The students basically read:)!! They get to choose some of their own books, but they also have to choose books off the College Bound reading list.   Various assignments complement what they have to do when they are done with a book, and one of them is creating a book review, uploading it to her YouTube channel, and then creating a QR code with that link.  They are turning out SO SO great;)!!  Here is a snapshot of what they look like:

  Then - Mrs. Duval, our high school librarian, is going to take these QR codes and put them INTO the books.  That way when kiddos come to the library looking for a book, they can see an ACTUAL book review, told by an ACTUAL kid in our school - HOW NEAT IS THAT:)!!!  Just one more FABULOUS way to use QR codes in your classroom!

Happy Coding Everyone,
Mrs. I:)

***Here's the URL to the Independent Reading Channel if anyone wants to see it:)!***


  1. Could you post her channel so we can follow?

  2. Hi - I edited the post and attached the URL - some of them are SO SO good:)!