Thursday, November 20, 2014


  Today, Casey and I attended a Tierney Brothers "browse" and "see" new technologies that are out there!  Oh My Gosh!!  There are so FUN FUN things out there:)!!!

1. SMART Interactive Flat Panel - YES - this IS as amazing as it looks!  This is basically a Smartboard that is a little SMALLER, but MUCH MUCH clearer than the current ones we have.  It works perfectly with Smart Notebook, and does all the great things that a SMARTboard does.  You have two touch points for two users at a time and it is UBER neat as you don't need a projector!  The clarity is profound!  At merely $3500 each - it's a GREAT thing!  AND they offer a 44% discount if you do a trad in - so if you currently have SMARTboards and want to upgrade - this is the DEAL for you:)!

2. SMART Document Camera - Now, I know there are other cameras out there - but this one is SO perfect for schools and teachers that use SMART Notebook and SMARTboards.  When you either screen shot or show documents, you can save them directly into you Notebook page and they become IMMEDIATE screenshots and images in there - SO GREAT:)!!  I would have LOVED one of these in my classrooms!  AND - the price is a little costly - but I would want it -  $899!

3. BrightLink Interactive Projector - SO SO SO AMAZING:)!!  I LOVED THIS!  This projector can projector on ANY flat service and is instantly interactive with up to 6 touch points:)!!   You can use it on a table, or mount it on your wall - L.  O.  V.  E!  It also works perfectly with the SMARTboard and allows up to 4 touch points then - it was CRAZY to watch this bugger work!  Cost - $1799.

4. PosterPro Varsity Package Printer - I WANT THIS SOOOO BAD:)!! Can you imagine all the possibilities with this bugger - OH:)!!  How cool would it be to have an entrepreneur class that specializes in this, or an accounting class that takes care of all of the money aspects of it - OH!  The sports teams would go CRAZY with banners, and the plethora of parents making posters for graduation, the possibilities are endless;)!  OH - AND not a bad price at $3500!

Happy Thursday All -
Mrs. I:)

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