Monday, November 24, 2014


  When I first saw what an Osmo could do - I was a little apprehensive.  I wasn't sure what benefit, if any, it would provide for myself or students.  However, after ordering one, I  WAS  WRONG!!!  This is SO SO cool and I can think of SO SO many ways to use it - unbelievable!  Maybe not the apps connected with it, BUT the power to create stacks to LOAD onto the app - WOW!
Here is picture of it if you have NO idea what I am talking about:
So the Osmo comes with three little boxes in one.  One box is the base that you set the iPad on and attach a mirror to your camera.  The second one is a set of tangrams, and the third has letter tiles included in it.  I will explain and show each one a little more detailed below......

Tangrams - here is a picture:
Once the app is opened, you simple create the picture with your tangrams that is shows.  However, here is the magic - as you put the tangrams together, is snaps them together on your iPad to indicate that you have them in the right location.  The puzzles start out easy and get progressively harder as you continue to be successful - SO COOL!!!

Words - here is a picture:

Here is the one that I really got excited about!!!  Kiddos either work together or against each other to come up with a word that matches the picture.  You can specify with category you'd like OR you can go online and create your own "deck" of words for your kids to do!  Again, A  M  A  Z  I  N  G!  I loved this - and the best part is that when they work collaboratively together - they can BOTH learn word meanings, spelling or words, etc... pretty neat!

Newton - here is a picture:

There is NOT a box for this one, as they simply use a "white" surface to play.  Little balls will drop on the iPad, and kiddos have to either DRAW a path for them to fall and hit a target, or use objects to create a path for the ball to hit the target - one the balls have hit the target three times, they move to the next level, progressively getting harder, of course!  This one took a little getting used to, but talk about higher level thinking - GEEZ!

Question of the Day - HOW MUCH?  Typically this costs $99, BUT if you use this link - you can get it for $79.99 with free shipping - so at least you save a little money!  I would HIGHLY recommend this for any classroom PreK-2nd grade FOR SURE! BUT - I had seniors in here the other day and they played it for over an hour and WANTED MORE!!!:)

I sent mine home with Mrs. Grabow, a Kindergarten teacher, and here is her direct quote: "SWEEET!!!  I had Brock and Bridger playing it last night.  They loved the competition part of the letters!!!  I am excited to look into the site more to find out all that you can do with the letter part..."  She merely had her two sons play it and it was a HIT:)!!

Good Luck and Have Fun - Happy Monday all,
Mrs I:)

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  1. Looks so great- a fun Daily 5 station for math or reading. Just ordered one!