Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Biomechanics Associated with Technologies:(

     Dr. Wahl, a local chiropractor in town, was in to discuss the increase of the younger patients that he is seeing because of all the technologies that are now being used today in and out of school.  Here are the some of the things that he is seeing:

    *Shoulders raised up, elbows flexed in, hands crouched in, necks down, back is bent and curved
    *tension to neck and shoulders, headaches, flexor tendonitis, back pain, fatigue and stress
    *not a school issue - it’s a social issue

Things to think about when kids are using iPads for better postural position:
    *use the stand that came with the iPad
    *use an easel instead of down if your stand is broken
    *stacking books would ALSO help as iPads can lean against them and kids can sit upright

     The discussion then turned to, "How can we educate kids and parents?"  We thought that we would have Dr. Wahl put together a handout on biomechanics and proper postural positions when using various technologies.  We also need proper education of teachers, our wellness committee, and our technology team to continue to reiterate to students why this is so important.  Unless WE are reminded of this, we tend to not remind others about this. 
    We also thought how EASY it would be to get this information to others.  With Schoology, it's simply a matter of posting information and the handout.  When we do iPad distribution next fall, it will just be a part of this, and throughout the school year, teachers can include information in their grade level handbooks in addition to other back to school items like newsletters, blogs and websites.

     I haven't really thought TOO hard about this as my boys both do their homework at the table, so we are using the stand, or stacking books to see the iPad the correct way - so THANK GOODNESS it hasn't become a problem with me kiddos' backs yet - just have to keep reminding:)!!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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