Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More End of Year:

  Just a few more things about the end of the year procedures that we do here.  We are going to collect the elementary iPads the Wed-Friday the week BEFORE the last week of school so we are able to use seniors, online kids, and detention make upers to help with this.  Actually - the 4-5 graders will clean their own iPads.  The Monday of the last week of school we will start collecting the other grades.  However, we are finding that the teachers WANT the students to have them almost up until the end as all their notes and study guides are on them - so they need them to study!!  MAKES. TOTAL. SENSE!  I would want my students to have them, too!  So the last week of school is pretty random.   We DO have each student clean his/her own.  Therefore, however they clean it, is how they get it back in the fall.  If they take their time, then it will be nice!  If not, then they will be getting that "unclean" one back anyways!  We check in ALL iPads prior to school ending, and sometimes have to "play the cards" a little bit with the seniors to make sure all are returned!
   We usually call the first half of the alphabet down to come into the library and clean.  We have wet rags, disinfecting wipes, glass cleaner, etc.. for them to clean.  They take the ENTIRE thing apart and clean inside and out and then put it back into its case.  It was SO SO slick last year - worked LIKE. A. CHARM!  I expect the same results this year!
   I THOUGHT I posted pictures last year.  I will go back and check and if I didn't, I will make sure to snag some thing year!

Happy Night - enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day
Mrs. I:)

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