Tuesday, May 6, 2014

L O V E Schoology, but.......

   We use Schoology as our LMS and REALLY like it!  We have had great success, the kids love that it's all in ONE place and not multiple websites, and it's UBER easy to use for teachers and students alike.  However - Google just announced Google Classroom which looks quite interesting.  Someone commented on there that they were able to go paperless in 6 weeks.... which is pretty much how Schoology has worked for us.  However - this might be the perfect fit for you and your school.  Check it out!!

Happy Night one again - heading to Big Lake tomorrow to check out their reading curriculum - they use the Journeys curriculum, which we kind of liked and works great with The Daily 5/CAFE which we are also looking at doing!

Happy Night 'al
Mrs. I:)

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