Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Discussions Continue......

   Well, we did it!  Let me rephrase that, I did it:)!!  We actually sent a team to Microsoft (GASP), to check out some possibilities for our kiddos in two years.  SIGH.....the iPad is just not cutting it for our upper grades.  With all the word processing and things they need to do in that format, a device without a keyboard is a struggle.  Now, we DO have blue tooth keyboards in the library for check out, but kids often forget about them and neglect to come and grab them.  The visit, in my professional Apple minded self, was AMAZING!  Not only is the Fargo Microsoft Campus GORGEOUS, the information presented really feels like a great fit for our upper kids! 
   Right now we really have NO idea what we are going to get, but after yesterday, the Surface is definitely an option. 

   They have some great marketing things with Microsoft Office 365 and OneNote, that it's worth the peek!  Then.... a thought...... maybe we should pilot a room?  Mr. Askegaard, our business ed instructor, teaches Word, PowerPoint and Excel...maybe move his computers to the lab that we were going to replace and give him Surfaces?  Clearly just a random thought in my mind, but it would be SO great to actually USE these devices for a year to see if the investment is worthwhile?
   Oh - SO TORN!!  I KNOW that something else has to be in these kiddos' hands, but what?  Microsoft said there are about 350 different possibilities - HOLY COW!!  Until another day......

Happy Thinking - I KNOW my mind is:)
Mrs. I:)

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