Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let the iPad Colletion Process Begin......

   We have so far collected student iPads in grades Kindergarten-6th grade.  Today 12th graders were collected and we didn't THINK - UGH!!  We are buying new cases for these 12th grade iPads because we don't feel it's fair that the first graders have to have an iPad case of a senior that has used it for two years.  However - WHY DIDN'T WE ORDER THEM LAST WEEK!  We didn't want the senior iPads to sit without a case - so we have the seniors put them back IN their cases.  But - that means that we will have to pull all those cases off and put the new ones on - UGH:(!!  If we would have had them - the seniors could have just popped the new one on and clean the old ones at a later date!  Well, for next year we will know this now, too!  Year by year we sure learn more to dos and not to dos.  Also - we are NOT collecting the chargers of the 7-12th Graders.  They are going to be responsible for their own over the summer.  When they turn them in NEXT spring, because our three year lease will be up - we will collect ALL chargers at this point.  It's SUCH a mess to try and organize and lay out those chargers at iPad distribution nights - way easier this way!
     I will keep you posted as collection continues - take care!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

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