Friday, February 21, 2014

More with Pic Collage....

Here are some MORE SUPER. FUN. ideas for the Pic Collage app:

1.  Mrs. Askegaard's 5th graders were learning about benchmark measurements and they had to show examples of them at home.  These are a few of them:

2.  Mrs. Tonsfeldt's 3rd graders had to create themselves as an Olympian - cutting around their head, finding pictures to go with the Olympian they wanted to be and then putting it all together:

3.  Mrs. Cresap's 5th graders were learning about adjectives.  They had to create a "menu" type Pic Collage that used descriptive writing for various food - NEAT!!!  Here were her exact instructions: 

For your homework you will be in charge of creating a small menu for your very own cafe/restaurant! Your title will be "Appetizing Adjectives" (tasty adjectives) and you can add more to your restaurant name if you wish! Use this activity to show off your creative side and spice up and put some pizazz in your writing with ADJECTIVES!! -Describing words!
You will create a pic collage and include the following:
- At LEAST 3 main menu items that you will delightfully DESCRIBE
- Write at least 2-3 sentences for each item
- In those sentences, you will include at least 5 adjectives that enhance your item and make it seem irresistible to customers!
- Include pictures to help persuade your restaurant and items

Have fun with this! We are working on Writing with Adjectives! So use your iPad or Thesaurus to dive into some new tasty words!

Just some more AMAZING examples of Pic Collage:)!
Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

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