Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Julian Treasure: 5 Ways to Listen Better

  I LOVE TED Talks!!  I don't know if you have ever listened to any - but you MUST!  The basic concept is "Ideas Worth Spreading."  There are SO many amazing things to hear about and learn about....the one I watched today was GREAT.
   Julian Treasure talks about 5 Ways to Listen Better - who doesn't need this, right?  He says that we are "...losing listening."  I agree!  Our society is SO bogged down with noise and everyone becoming louder and louder, and we often times don't TAKE the time to listen!  And, is this something that we should be teaching our kids in school - YES!!  During the TED talk, he mentions 5 things that we can do to become better listeners:

1. 3 Minutes of Silence - we have to learn how to hear quiet again
2. the Mixer - listen to how many different channels you hear in a loud place and begin to pick out these channels
3. Savoring - enjoy mundane sounds - pay attention to them - you dryer, a fan, the perculator
4. Listening Positions - play with the filters in the different listening channels and move to different positions
5. RASA - Receive the message, Appreciate what others are saying, Summarize their comments, and Ask questions - all parts of a quality listener!

   He ended his TED talk with the fact that he wished everyone would "Live to Listen," but realizes that this isn't possibly - but "listening to live fully," is!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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