Friday, February 7, 2014

iTunes U

  If you want to extend your learning beyond the classroom, then PLEASE check out iTunes U! There are SO many choices of courses that you can browse and find information that is applicable to your class! Taken EXACTLY from the Apple website "The free iTunes U app gives you access to the world's largest catalog of free educational content from leading institutions."  Really?? WHAT. IS. BETTER. THAN. THAT??  You can actually also create your OWN course - which I have started doing.  You are given 20 GB of space to add materials, video, podcasts, etc...and you have to use a COMPUTER with a regular browser; you can NOT use an iPad for this. 

Here is a GREAT link to a Youtube video called iTunes U - Part 1 which shows you initially how to set up a course and add apps.  (not sure, but it was only a mp4, so I thought you'd rather "see" if than hear it).

That's all I am going to post until I know MORE about creating a course and publishing it to others.  As I do this, I will post my progress.

Truly - CHECK. IT. OUT.  There might be an already created course for you to use and implement immediately!!

Happy Friday AND OLYMPICS:)!!!
Mrs. I:)

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