Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh No CONFIGURATOR:(!! The Love/Hate Relationship Continues.......

   So here I sit FRUSTRATED AS EVER trying to figure out what happened - two more days until distribution night and I have FOUR grades to finish - YIKES!!  That's right, folks - TWO DAYS!!! 

Problem #1 - Configurator is NOT recognizing the apps that are currently on the iPad - I didn't figure this out until I hooked up the 8th graders - SO I am having to check all the app that SHOULD be on there and apply it - and THEN uncheck those and put the ones for this year on - TIME CONSUMING!

Problem #2 - When I hook up the 9th grade iPads, which are NO different than any others, Configurator wants to prepare them again - which #1 - will delete ALL the apps on there #2 - make me have to call apple and redeem all those codes begging for more and #3 - takes MORE time as they have to be prepared and then REDONE - UGH!!

Problem #3 - Apple!!!  I called them and they didn't help - UGH!!!  Now I don't know EVERYTHING - NOT  EVEN  CLOSE!  However, I have been using this now for three years and DO know what I am used to seeing - so PLEASE do not make me talk to someone who knows less.  ESCALATE my case please!!!  Instead of answering the questions that I already know - "Sob" story I know

Problem #4 - When I DID go into Configurator to remove the iPads that it wants me to prepare - so I can grab the codes - the kids are not even LISTED in there - UGH!  Now I know that something serious is wrong ----- (refer to Problem #2)

Problem #5 - I  M  I  G  H  T  not make it

OK - BREATHE, right?  Only two days to go and only two and a half grades to go - makes me sick!

I will update you as new developments arise - which I can tell you right now will be N  O  N  E

Happy day
Mrs. I:)

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  1. I would try using Profile Manager in OS Server. If you have Mac hardware, your costs will only be $20.