Sunday, June 1, 2014

Well.....Apple Configurator Continues to Win:(!!

   I have been hooking up iPads now that the school year is over to remove apps from THIS year grades so the redemption codes are available for NEXT year's classes.  I thought it would be easiest to do this now, so in the fall, we can purchase next year apps and continue to get them ready for next year - WELL, Apple Configurator had other plans apparently!  I keep getting the "Request Token" failure notice, along with multiple others.....can't read device, and then it will connect, can't connect device, can't restore backup - bottom line I GAVE UP!!  It's been the 9th grade ones that it has done this with - UGH!!  The other grades actually went quite smoothly - SO - I just "removed" ALL the 9th grade iPads from Configurator, so I would get the codes back, and I will totally have to prepare them, alone with the 12th graders, in the fall.  I didn't want to do this - but I am tired of wasting time trying to figure this out - UGH!!  Oh  Well!!  I just want to be done here and enjoy summer;)! 
   I really only have the Kindergarten ones to do, which should be fine since the other elementary ones went well - probably just cursed myself, right???:)!!

Happy Summer Day all - I'm off to teach some classes this week on Tuesday-Friday - and then again in a few weeks - but only two days then:)!

Take care and I will try to sporatically write here as I find cool and amazing things that I MUST SHARE!!  I will post my Padlets that I am presenting, too:)
 Mrs. I:-)

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