Thursday, December 13, 2012


   My mind is STILL trying to wrap itself around ALL that was learned and discussed at TIES!  To write EVERYTHING at one time would be SO overwhelming to not only me - but you as well!  SO many ideas, SO many great things, WHERE is the time to keep learning and implementing - the always never going away question for educators:)!!
   The thing that I would like to talk about today are QR (Quick Response) codes!!  We have had a few teachers at the high school tamper with them a little bit - but I never really thought of the many ways that they truly CAN be used!  Not only can you have one up each day for a daily agenda or outline, but you could post answers to assignments for students to scan and self correct, you could have a code for your contact information, you could randomly put up QR codes around your classroom for spelling words, information about what you are learning at that time, worksheets, YOU NAME IT there's a code you can make for it;)!!
    The site that I like the best, as did the presenter at TIES is QR Stuff!  This site has many ways that you can make a code, and make ways to download various things to it - GREAT ONE:)!!  Also - here are some sites to look at for ways to implement and use QR codes in your classroom:

     I think those will be enough to get you rolling with them!  If you want ANY help with this - PLEASE let me know - OR Mrs. Detloff has ALSO used them (I hope she doesn't mind), so she is a great resource person, too:)

Good Luck - HAVE fun:)!!
Mrs. I:)

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