Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day of Frustration.....

  Now I knew that there would be days that would be frustrating - but TWO IN A ROW:(! Bummer!

Bummer #1 - I thought for SURE that I had solved the mystery of the "Virtual History-ROMA" app!  Long story short:  I bought this app in August for a Social Studies teacher- and tried to import it and the codes couldn't be imported!  After trying multiple times (and hours on the phone with Apple), a breakthrough was reached!  The lady at Apple had me change some things in the spreadsheet and I was able to import them - YAHOO!!  The good news is that we have 30 codes as Apple reimbursed us for the cost of these totally!  The bad news is that we HAD 54 codes but since the price of the app went up - go figure:) - I only had enough money to buy 30.  I have an elevated case with Apple - who will soon know me by name - asking for no money - just 24 more licenses for this app.  We will see where I get with this.  This app IS really cool, and hopefully it will work out!

Bummer #2 - Apple Configurator is doing WEIRD things!  When I hook up an iPad - usually I put on another profile to install apps and remove/add whatever needs to be done.  For some reason - Configurator isn't recognizing the iPads as they CURRENTLY are - it says that it has apps on there that are NOT on there.  Also - when I try to uncheck unnecessary apps and apply ones needed, it will remove other apps at random - and the codes are lost too - UGH!!  Casey, the BIG DOG, called on this one as I dont' know the "behind the scenes" stuff.  Apple's engineer is supposed to be calling back today - he wasn't worried about the apps, as he said we would be reimbursed for them, but they haven't seen something like this - UGH!!!  I JUST realized it this morning as two girls came in saying that their Notability app was gone - UGH UGH UGH as they had ALL their notes, sheets, everything in there!  I felt SO bad - but really I didn't touch Notability - so weird things indeed!!

Hopefully all this will get solved today or tomorrow and we will be off and running again soon!!!
Happy Wednesday
Mrs. I:)

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